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Childhood Protection within a specialized home for children and teenagers, with their families and educators facing contemporary social bond precariousness (5 years)


Hospital with people who were suffering from heavy breathing difficulties (2 years).


Psychiatric Cares with teenagers and adults (3 years).


Social Work Institute as a lecturer in clinical psychology and psychoanalysis with social workers to be (4 years).


Private Office (France and Singapore) with children, teenagers, and adults (since 2015).







Master 2 in Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology (Lille): five years of theoretical exploration and improvement in every field of clinical psychology, and an internship within various institutions. 



Thesis for the second year of Master: "Real, Symbolic and Imaginary dimensions of the body"

Thesis for the first year of Master: "Modernity's psychopathologies"

Thesis for the license: "Love and its madness "



- Psychiatric cares in private and public hospital (3 years)

- General Hospital: addiction and palliative cares (2 years)

- Professional Sport Club (1year)


University graduation in Ethno-Psychoanalysis (Paris): Ethno-Psychoanalysis is an approach of Psychoanalysis specialized in language, cultural and religious belongings in order to help people to overcome their existential issues.




- Individual and Family sessions within a Center for Migrants (1 year).










Association d'Etude de la Chose Freudienne member (8 years).






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